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Statement of Company Establishment

In 2006, Electrical Sector was established correspondingly to react with the urgent needs of the community for electricity and the progressive demands of oil/gas firms for power plants and equipment. In addition to supply various voltage (low/medium) electrical equipment, fittings and accessories, the company has a special technical team for design, execution, supply, and installation or retrofit of electrical power/distribution substations S/S and electrical over line projects. Now the company is Public Electricity Cooperation (PEC) suppliers/contractors shortlisted in Sanaa, Aden and Hadhrmout plus to Public Authority for Rural Electrification (PARE)
In other words, the company started to specialize at electric general supplies and electric project supply & contract plus to marketing electrical and telecommunication requirements in partnership with many manufacturing companies worldwide.

Statement of Work Capacity

Nowadays, the company is known of its propriety, capability, and capacity to supply and undertake big electrical and structural projects in different governorates within the Rep. Of Yemen. Further work Capacity has exceeded so far the amount of #3,000,000 US$# three million US dollar
Our accurate knowledge of the surrounding environmental conditions, our experience of the nature of the required equipment and services needed to facilitate mutual cooperation with worldwide companies elevate the company to thrive completing several projects.

Products & Services

Low voltage

  • Supply General Electrical Equipmentse.i .Switches, Plugs, Lamps, Fuses, Connectors, Cables, Gensets…etc

Medium Voltage (up to 33KV)

  • Design, Supply, Install, Execute Power/Distribution Substation (S/S), Turnkey Project
  • Design Supply, Install, Execute Transmission Line Project, Turnkey Project
  • Supply Mobile S/S
  • Other Related Products & Services

High Voltage

 Download File  Awladabuhassan-Electrical-Profile.pdf